Saturday, July 25, 2015

July 2015: Hello From Africa

Saturday, July 25:   We are home safe and sound!

Here are some pictures from our days at Dago the last 3 days before leaving for Masai Mara and home:
Dago! Eating our meals outside was wonderful.
At the Dago Dala Hera Children's Centre (orphanage) taking a turn stirring the food cooking for the girls on an open fire.

Serving lunch to the girls.
The kids checking out the white skin!

Home visit in Dago village. This man and his wife lived in a tiny mud hut...and their main problem was that they were so hungry.
We went to the village market and bought dry fish, beans, lentils, rice, onion, and tomatoes for 4 families.
...and carried the food back to their homes.
Patrick's mom, Pamela (on the right), led the way.
We quickly learned how to get fresh water for washing.  
Checking in people to be tested for reading glasses.
Interviewing girls at the orphanage for potential sponsors.

Taking pictures of children in the pre school for potential sponsors.
Sometimes a child becomes attached to one of us. The feeling was mutual!
The beach balls we brought were a big hit. Lots of laughing that broke down barriers. Suddenly we were teammates!

We left Nairobi night.  We were in the airport when President Obama arrived, and watched Air Force One roll by the terminal.  It was fun being there with the Kenyan people who were watching the historic event, as the first sitting president arrived in their country.

All are home safely, and another Kenya mission trip has been completed.  Another wonderful team did so much, side by side with our Kenya partners.  God is so good.

Thank you again for your donations and your prayers! Love you all!

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