Friday, July 13, 2012

July 2012 Trip: Many Updates

All after church
After church Sunday in Nairobi - Peter Mageto on the left preached. As visitors, we were treated to cups of tea after the service.
Our 2012 team! Peter Mageto from Nairobi, Lynn Renne (Indiana), Megan Whitt (University of Kentucky), Vicki Brewer (Virginia), Erin Gearhart (Virginia), Bryan Lynch (Indiana), Bethanne Martin (New Jersey) Jake Miller(Indiana University) Connor Costello (Indiana University) and in front Cheryl Gearhart (New Jersey)

Final Jambo from Kenya! July 13, 2012

Hello all!

By the time you read this we will have returned safely back to Indiana, New Jersey, Virginia and Kentucky. Our 9 person team of all ages and stages bonded immediately, worked together amazingly and shared experiences of a lifetime.

Here are some more pictures to wrap up the trip's story in just a brief way. Together we have over 4,000 pictures that tell more of the story.

To family members - thanks for sharing your loved ones with the team and with the wonderful people of Kenya.

To all those who donated money, glasses, school supplies, handmade dresses, medications, and so much more. Thank you so much - you have made a difference in many lives in the little corner of the third world we have been given to care about.

Erin, Vicki, Cheryl, and Isaiah heading to Dago Dala Hera Orphanage with gifts donated to the girls there.
Night time at Dago Dala Hera Orphanage - Jake and girl wearing one of the dresses made by Vicki and friend in Virginia (they made and brought 50!) and a new headband. She's feeling very pretty.
Bryan helping prepare dinner at the orphanage. Stirring beans that have been cooking over the wood fire.
Connor checking out a homemade soccer ball at one of the home visits. It is made with plastic bags and twine. He and Jake brought 2 soccer balls to give the kids.
Playing with orphanage and pre-school children.
Teaching in the primary school at Dago.
Cheryl and Pamela Odoyo on the farm.
Vicki and Bethanne spreading out all the things donated for the orphanage and school. Teachers helped distribute them.
stuff for school

Home Visit
More time with the girls feeling so pretty with the new dresses and headbands!
After a long day, dinner at the Odoyo farm. Delicious and wonderful hospitality.
Ahhh - decompressing in the wide open spaces of the Masai Mara while on safari.

Jambo from Kenya! July 13, 2012

We are all keeping busy at our Medical Camp - working 9 hour days providing reading, prescription and reading eye glasses, dental (2 dentists) - and medical care - as well as testing for glucose and HIV.

In between times we visited the school Peter Mageto attended as a child, to give de-worming pills to 300 students, and played with children in a small school across the dirt road from the Reading Centre. (The teacher asked us to come so the children could see their first white person.)

Thanks to ALL of you who contributed to this mission. Everything is being used!
Here are some random pictures to show a bit about what we're up to.... more soon!

Jambo from Kenya! July 10, 2012

We are 4 days into our 14 day trip and so far everyone is healthy!

We met in the airport at London. Jake and Connor went off to get a last hamburger and were enjoying it so much that they almost missed the flight. We had to page them. They thankfully ambled up to the departure gate with 10 seconds to spare.

Jake and Vicki's suitcases didn't make it (til today) Vicki's camera was stolen by a baboon and our driver ran after it and rescued it.

The electricity went off during dinner and we ate in the dark by the light of a single iPhone.

We have had great experiences and we'll send more pictures and stories, hopefully tomorrow.

A 'green' way to serve safe, clean filtered water to waiting people...empty pill bottles!

Bryan with the girl he sponsors, Grace, and her family.

Lynn and the children Rennes, Amanda Reid and Carol Watson sponsor through Childcare Worldwide.