Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 2011 Trip: Team Updates

Our Team! Stephanie Riebe (Indiana), Wendy Fodstad (Indiana), Collyn Capp (D.C.)

Random pics from pre-school, Bible study, medical camp and one night at private home with masai guard complete with bow and arrow!

One more thing.....Wendy's luggage didn't arrive and we're hoping it will be delivered to the village today.  She has been an amazing sport about it all, and even said yesterday she really doesn't need anything more for the trip than she has in her little carry on- Lesson to all of us!

Friday, July 22, 2011

July 2011 Trip: Team Updates

From Steph, Wendy and Collyn-


Our morning began with Wendy, Collyn and Steph receiving a wake up call knock at the door from Lynn because we all missed our alarm clocks and overslept a bit. Our crew recovered and after a quick breakfast we headed back over to the Mercy Pre-School to take visors left over from Castleton UMC Bible School (Steph's home church).

The older students loved the visors and we loved the photo opportunity to take pictures of the sweet children in their owl hats and visors. Our team then had the opportunity to visit the Squatters Hill preschool and community. For Wendy, Steph & Collyn it was our first look at the reality of life in a slum. The children in the preschool were happy and joy filled.

We were so blessed to hear the songs they shared with us. It was really incredible to watch when one of the preschool workers took the leftover porridge mixture from the students' snack and shared it outside with the neighborhood children who weren't able to be in the pre-school. They came, running towards the preschool, with cups- many sharing with one another. Mama Nancy, one of the teachers of the preschool then took all of us on a tour of the Squatters Hill village. As we walked around, children seemed to come out of all kinds of corners of the community and were so happy to just hold our hands and walk with us. Mama Nancy explained that many of them were orphans and were living wherever they could within the community.

Our team then traveled to the public school, Kaimina, to visit the children sponsored by Lynn and other Aldersgate UMC members through Childcare World Wide. The time at the school was yet another blessing to our team as we were able to tour the school, meet the sponsor children and sit down and visit with the school administration and staff. We talked about things like differences in class size and how students were disciplined.

In the afternoon our team spent some more time in Lake Nakuru National Park on safari--we had a beautiful view at the overlook of the lake and captured some amazing views of rhinos & the birds of the lake. We headed over to a brand new guest house in Nakuru. Bill and Chat were gracious enough to open up their home to us even with only having moved in 8 days earlier. They were so welcoming and hospitable. We had a wonderful visit and stay in their home and had the opportunity to meet some girls from the United States who were in Africa. One of the highlights of our visit with Bill and Chat was meeting their Massai warrior who watches over their yard & property during the night. We had a photo op with him and it all seemed a little surreal when he held his bow and arrow in the photos. It was a very full day--but we were all so blessed by the people God allowed brought into our lives through the day's events.


Wednesday started with more creature comforts courtesy of Bill and Chat: Bacon and eggs, fresh fruit, coffee, and OJ! Then we packed up and headed to Ekerenyo on a road that twisted and turned with potholes that would put Indiana's to shame! We stopped in Kericho for a cup of tea at the Tea Hotel, an old english cottage.

We stopped at a supermarket for last minute supplies and then headed to the Amani Reading Center to set up a Health Clinic inside. We set up a pharmacy, lab, patient consultation rooms, and reading glass distribution area. It has been the mission of our team to partner with the Kenyans to organize the clinic, and this time we are working with ten local Kenyans who range from volunteers to trained medical professionals. After a day of set up, the clinic was ready for service!

Back to the Borabu where Lynn, Edwin, Wendy, Steph, and Collyn sorted pills for easy distribution in the pharmacy the next day!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 2011 Trip: Team Updates


Monday morning we woke up early and after a breakfast of omelets and toast, Wendy got on a van with the team going to the Wesley Medical Clinic to have her first experience working in an Kenyan medical setting.

Collyn, Steph and Lynn followed winding dirt back roads to Alice's pre-school. Our mission was to deliver 60 little hats that Joyce Eskridge had knit for the children who she had met on our February trip. The children were so excited! We were invited to teach these swahili speaking kids for the whole day, but actually could only spend an hour. The needs at the pre-school are many but the top three are to have a wall built around the property, have electricity hooked up and have the dirt floor covered with concrete. We noticed that they only had little stubs of chalk for the "black" board.

Then on to the way to the United Methodist Mission Boarding School. Steph and Collyn taught three huge classes of children .... they sang, they taught Bible lessons based on Proverbs 3:5-6 and Isaiah 40:29-31 and were well received and appreciated. The head of the school was happy for the time spent with them. She said it was important that the children heard the Bible being reinforced by people from so far away. It confirmed what they were trying to teach at the school.

We picked up Wendy, who had been seeing patients with a Kenyan Clinical Officer. She learned what they do differently here.

After lunch, Wendy had some stomach problems and spent the day in bed, while the rest of us headed out for a safari at Lake Nakuru National Park. Collyn saw her first-EVER giraffe and we saw thousands of flamingos, pelicans and storks. God's natural world.....amazing!
All is well! More tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 2011 Trip: The First 4 days flew by!

The first 4 days in Kenya have passed quickly and we'll try to catch you up to date! The flights for Lynn, Collyn and Steph were smooth and we arrived in the Nairobi airport at 9 p.m. Saturday. Well, Wendy---- not so much!  Due to computer glitches at INDY!...she missed the flight from Indy to Chicago, missed by 20 minutes our flight from Chicago to London and then by 20 minutes the flight from London to Nairobi.

Blessing was that British Airways took care of her and got her on an overnight Kenya Airways flight, so she arrived at Nairobi at 6:30 a.m. Sunday morning, not knowing if we had any idea where she was.  We had kept up wth her flights, and our nice folks at Methodist Guest house picked her up, holding a big Wendy Fodstad sign.  All was well, and Wendy looked amazingly wide awake!

We went to church at Lavington United with the Magetos - Chrystal and Teddy continue to grow up into wonderful young people...Peter and Irene continue to be busy with work. Peter as Dean of a school at Daystar University, Irene teaching Nursing now thankfully in Nairobi.

After church which I always love there, filled with the hospitality and a cup of tea they offered, we went to a frozen yogurt shop for lunch. Chrystal's choice!  Then hugs goodbye and off to Nakuru we went, where we checked into the Flamingo Lodge.  Our teams have stayed there often and the staff remembered and welcomed us warmly.

To be continued......