Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 2013 Trip: Medical Camp

Jambo from Kenya!
It is Friday already!  We are all still very happy and healthy! Lots of Kenyan and American laughter, hugs, handshakes. We have seen over 300 people in an organized, stress-free manner thanks to
Clement, Peter's brother, who is here overseeing everything!  Someone from Riakong'a Church has taken this role each year.

The team is amazing- everyone has learned the different stations, so there is lots of moving around to experience each area.
The people love our attempts to speak Kisii, the local language! We can now say "Biorore" and "Biomono" as "How are you" and "Fine"
Amy wants to tell you she has conquered some fears, Chwe all have learned a lot, Valarie says to tell you she's no longer "Monica", that she misses you but that this is a really rewarding experience 

From Kenya -
Mungu Awabariki  -  God bless all of you! Thank you for all you have done to make this possible through donations and continuing prayers!
Giving gifts sponsored children to Willy Tanui, head of Nakuru office of Childcare Worldwide. 
Our Kenyan-American team just before the Medical Camp opened. Riakong's Methodist (the church Peter Mageto started in the village when he was a young man) and Aldersgate are partnering in this mission.
Claire loving on the children.
Lynda giving out reading glasses.
Laura giving physical therapy exercises.
Valarie testing for prescription glasses and...
...checking people in.
Amy counting pills.
Jevason from Riakong's Church looking at the Gideon Bibles donated by Aldersgate members. He said, "This is wonderful. God bless you so much."
This pasted waited a year to receive this new NIV Study Bible given by an Aldersgate member. He is so grateful!
Lynn checking in on Lucy, her brother, and mother.
Chris, our pharmacist, filling prescriptions.
We all love being with these people! Look at the side of the chair - it says "Aldersgate." The Aldersgate Endowment Fund allowed all the tables and chairs to be built.
Peter's brother, Clement, in charge!
Native dancing was entertainment at the Borabu Thursday night - several on our team danced with them!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 2013 Trip: Nakuru Pre-School


Jambo from Kenya!

We have been here 4 days now, and are all healthy and happy.  We arrived in Nairobi night, and despite coming in on several airlines with unusual connections,  all our luggage arrived with us! We each had 2 huge bags filled with donations of medical and educational supplies, gifts and our own clothes. morning we went to a wonderful church service at Lavington United, a large church where Peter is now lead pastor, and then went to the Mageto's home for a meal before going to Nakuru. 

We came here to Peter's home village Tuesday, where we are now holding our second day of Medical Camp.  We have a wonderful team, all working together beautifully.
The Kenyans are so very grateful for this medical camp - the medicine, eyeglasses, love shown -
and in turn we are receiving so much from the strength, hospitality and kindness  of these Kenyans...some of the poorest of the poor.
Hopefully we can download more pictures tomorrow!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

Mercy Pre-School in Nakuru:

Laura showing children their picture.
Chris befriended Audea, a little girl paralyzed from the waist down since birth.

Claire showing a card made by a student at Dexter Elementary in Evansville.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

July 2013 Trip: A Sunday Update

Last Sunday, we worshipped with our Kenya partner church, Riakong'a Methodist, in the village.  Volunteers from the church had helped us with the medical camp where together we served over 860 people coming from over 30 villages for medical treatment, prescription eye glasses and reading glasses.

We were welcomed warmly to the church by Riakong'a's new pastor, David Ikiao, and Peter Mageto's dad, Jablon.

Aldersgate members contributed donations for 33 water filter systems which we brought up to the church in one of our vans and prepared them for distributing to each church family.
Then the church secretary called each family forward to receive one.


I handed out Gideon's Bibles to each person in the church. Those left over were taken to other churches in the village. It felt like giving communion as each person came forward with open hands to receive their Bible!


We were seated in front along the side wall, precious babies were passed around for us to hold. The children led us in singing - such happiness in singing praise songs about Jesus and God's love.

We got to meet Peter's mom after church.
We spent lots of time after church giving hugs and smiles, taking pictures, and showing gratitude and friendship toward one another.

The women of the church prepared a delicious lunch for us after church. We ate it in the new pastor's house up the hill behind the church (the house was built with help from Aldersgate).

One of the children in the choir, Kevin, is going to be Andrew Thompson's new Kenyan friend.

We were helped back down the hill from the church by our new friends.

Once again - Mungu Awabariki  -  God bless all of you!
Thank you for all you have done to make this mission possible through donations and continuing prayers!
And please keep remembering the special, sweet people of Riakong'a  in your thoughts and prayers.
Until next time,  Asante Sana!
Amy Covington
Chris Miles
Claire Miles
Laura Reid
Lynda Reid
Lynn Renne

Monday, July 1, 2013

July 2013 Trip: Team Members

Our team:
Amy Covington (Evansville)
Chris Miles (Louisville)
Claire Miles (Louisville)
Laura Reid (Evansville)
Lynda Reid (Evansville
Lynn Renne (Evansville)
Valarie Thompson (Evansville)

We didn't get to blog on this trip, so will post pictures that tell the story well!