Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 2010 Trip: The Adventure Continues

Our Team!  Karen Eskridge, Michele Galen Cabrera, Renee' Galen, Sarah Leider,  Lynn Renne,  Lee Shepherd, Fran Vix, 

The adrenaline was flowing at the Evansville airport this morning!

As we gathered we found we had more things to bring than it appeared we had room for,

but somehow it all disappeared into all our suitcases and glasses duffels,

got on the plane and off we went. Thanks to everyone for their donations of medicine, toothbrushes, vitamins and supplies.

Detroit was snowy, and the funny thing was to hear Lee (who is not a happy flier) say he texted Kara as we waited on the departing plane: “They’re de-icing the plane and I’m not too happy about that.” He’s not from the snowy north! He wouldn’t have been too happy if they had NOT de-iced the plane

After the 7 ½ hour flight to Amsterdam we walked up the ramp and the minute we got into the airport 4 women saw our “Kenya partners” polo shirts and came running over to us. They were on their way home from Kenya – where they had been working at the Wesley Mission Clinic in Nakuru, the place I was working last February. They were sad to be leaving – said they wanted us to pack them in our suitcases and take us back with them.

The adventure continues!

We're doing great

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February 2010 Trip: The Team

We're all brimming over with anticipation as we prepare to travel together as a team to Kenya.

We leave one week from today, Feb. 24!

Adventures ahead!

Allison Anderson Jacobs (Atlanta GA)
Georgia Anderson (Evansville IN)
Joyce Eskridge (Evansville-Aldersgate UMC)

Karen Eskridge (Evansville-Aldersgate UMC)
Dr. Michelle Galen (Evansville)
Renee' Galen (Illinois)
Sarah Leider (Evansville- Aldersgate UMC)
Lynn Renne (Evansville-Aldersgate UMC)

Lee Shepherd (Evansville-Aldersgate UMC)
Fran Vix (Evansville)
Amy Wogen (Minneapolis)