Monday, June 9, 2014

June 2014: Mercy Center Kenya Update

Dear Donors to the Mercy Centre - Kenya project:

Thank you for your support and prayers for the Mercy Centre.  I am excited to share pictures from Lynn's trip to Kenya in March 2014.  Lynn spent time at the Mercy Centre with Alice and her students as well as Julius, the contractor overseeing the improvements at the preschool.  

Below are pictures that Lynn took while at Mercy Centre to show the buildings and grounds prior to the projects starting.  They help to understand the condition of the facilities prior to improvements being made.  Julius is making the bricks by hand from the soil in Kenya that will be used for the perimeter wall and preschool walls to protect the students and facilities.  Construction on the roof, walls and flooring were scheduled to start during the recent school break so that the students would not be attending school in a construction zone.  

I have been overwhelmed with the generosity and support for these projects. Here is the good news: $6226 has been raised toward the $7901 needed. This leaves us with  just $1675 left to reach the goal! Please feel free to forward this email to people who might be interested in this project.   

I know that Alice and the children at the Mercy Centre are grateful and excited to have a safe and healthy environment in which to learn.

Laura Reid

'Before' pictures:

Julius, construction manager, talking about the project with Alice Kamau, head of Mercy Center pre-school.

The roof will be re-configured so that rain water will drain toward the property on the left, and into their water collection tanks. This will provide rainwater for drinking, cooking beans, and washing.

Here are the steps for making bricks: 

Brick making machine.

Julius and one of the bricks he made.

We will have more updates to share from our visits next month! The Mercy Centre children and Alice thank you!

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